Getting Started

Welcome to the UtiliBots Invites Documentation!

Now that you have invited the bot to your discord server, you can begin!

UtiliBots Invites comes with only a few main commands, this is because the core function is based on logging which in this case is members joining and leaving your Discord server.

Bot Features:

  • Users can keep track of every server invite they have created alongside the specific analytics of each.

  • If invite creators rejoin via their own invite then they will be given a fake join which so server administrators can see which users are trying to cheat/abuse the system.

  • You have the option between choosing whether log messages are done via embeds or normal Discord messages.

  • The bot hardly goes offline, if it does, it is most likely due to planned maintenance. Join our Support Server to request help.


This bot is associated with UtiliBots, if you require any support or wish to forward feedback or suggestions then you can do so by visiting the UtiliBots discord server here.

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